Sunshine Manor

Nadine has been mentioning “Sunshine Manor” lately, and a few people have asked for more info about it.  This is what she says:

“Sunshine Manor is my all time dream, Angels without Wings started out as Sunshine Manor being the only focus but due the extreme need for financial assistance for families who have very ill children our focus had to change but I am HOPING, WISHING, DREAMING and BELIEVING that Sunshine Manor will become a reality in the near future.

Sunshine Manor is going to be a rehabilitation home for families who have spent an extended time in hospital. It will be a place for families to recuperate as a whole and for the ill child to receive need therapy, a huge focus will be on animal therapy. There will be place for siblings to stay and there will be tutors available to ensure that school work is not lost. Families will receive all meals as well as receive family counselling and have the opportunity to just relax. …

This is a very expensive venture and the running costs will be expensive BUT I believe that there is a huge need for this and that things will fall into place.

**** We really want to start raising funds towards this project.”

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